HPH Summer Mile 2015

We now have a new reference for “Hot Conditions”. With the mercury pushing up to the 30 degree mark, 20 of our members still thought it sensible to run “eyeballs out” around a one mile circuit of Hyde Park on Wednesday evening. In these conditions some even managed to record new PBs. Well done to all 20 who gave it a go, especially those who had heavy Danefield legs from the previous evening’s relay race.

Thanks to Hyde Park Harriers once again for a well organised event.

Our Emma Ballantyne came 2nd female overall on the night. Well done Emma.

This was a CC race, so Steve Webb will be busy sorting out the points and posting the tables on here soon.

For some great photos of the event (thanks to a few photographers inc. Anne Akers) click here


Forename Surname Age Time PB?
Emma Ballantyne FSEN 5:31.9 First 1m
Christopher Glover M50 5:45.1
Tom Keeber MSEN 5:51.6 First 1m
Paul Newton M40 5:52.4 First 1m
Niamh Jackson F35 5:58.4 First 1m
Simon Smith M40 6:00.8 First 1m
Shamiso Sisimayi FSEN 6:06.3
Kieran O’Brien MSEN 6:09.4
Sean Cook MSEN 6:18.4
James Nundy MSEN 6:18.8 PB
Anthony Shaw M60 6:40.8 First 1m
Paul Chapman M40 6:42.2 First 1m
Malcolm Taylor MSEN 6:42.8 PB
Paul Glover M60 6:44.6
Lucy Churm F35 6:45.2 First 1m
Chris Scott MSEN 7:02.6 First 1m
Jemma Roe FSEN 7:28.6 First 1m
Alyson Glover F45 7:29.0
Victoria Daniel FSEN 7:39.6
Karen Longfellow F45 8:29.7  First 1m

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