Club Championship 2019 Race 8 – Leeds Half Marathon

It’s that time of the year again. Last Sunday saw the annual Leeds Half Marathon, a chance to show off our club colours and our excellent support team in one of Leeds premier events (and potentially get new members).

2019 saw 16 Harriers run (not all with Harriers against their name, see the rules! I’ve been lenient this year because someone did the work for me – cheers James!) in decent to warm conditions.

Name Time
Alan O’Brien 01:24:07
Adam Nodwell 01:33:02
Simon Hands 01:33:47
Therese Sheehan 01:42:25
Eleanor Gallon 01:44:26
Richard Kennedy-Joyce 01:46:15
Andrew Goldman 01:50:52
Stephen Groves 01:44:41
James Nundy 01:54:46
Paul Chapman 01:55:40
Ian Taylor 02:03:16
Burjor Langdana 02:14:28
Alexandra Potts 01:53:45
Peter Hey 02:25:21
Shevonne McLarnon 02:14:43
Fiona Venner 02:02:49

Great times and runs by all.

The handicap results were dominated by 3 returning older faces, running great times hopefully on their comeback trail!

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Burjor Langdana 02:31:26 11.21% 02:14:28 50
2 Stephen Groves 01:51:08 5.80% 01:44:41 49
3 Fiona Venner 02:10:04 5.58% 02:02:49 48

The full results can be found here.

We have a new leader, not only because of the sad news of Rowan leaving us for the southern states, but because of James Nundy’s performances in recent months!

Pos Name Points Total Races
1 James NUNDY 267  5
2 Rowan TEMPLE 198  4
3 Lee HARDY 198  4

The full table can be found here.

Please note, May bonuses have not been added yet, they are due at the end of the month.

As always, I plug future events which the next months are nearly half full, so get your entry in to have some good times with the rest of the Harriers!

Also is there an event you’ve done this year, that you think you’ve done well in, but doesn’t happen to be in the championship? Don’t worry! The Wildcard event will come to your rescue. Please enter your race, time and date and it will count to Race 20, with results finalised at the end of the year. 

Any questions, queries or concerns about the Club Championship, please reach out to me.


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