Club Championship 2019 Race 17 – Meanwood Valley Trail

An old staple, back from a few years siesta in our Club Championships, Meanwood Valley Trail takes on a scenic local suburban trail with several tough climbs as 14 members found out this weekend! Well done to all.

Position Name Club Time
8 Ben Coldwell Kirkstall Harriers 00:48:06
24 Alan O’Brien Kirkstall Harriers 00:50:18
58 Simon Hands Kirkstall Harriers 00:56:07
133 Chris Glover Kirkstall Harriers 01:06:28
144 Ian Taylor Kirkstall Harriers 01:07:55
156 Collette Spencer Kirkstall Harriers 01:09:35
165 James Nundy Kirkstall Harriers 01:10:40
182 Vicki Hipkiss Kirkstall Harriers 01:14:35
191 Elizabeth Walker Kirkstall Harriers 01:16:48
200 Alyson Glover Kirkstall Harriers 01:18:03
218 Samantha Taylor Kirkstall Harriers 01:20:04
222 Jacqueline Elmer Kirkstall Harriers 01:21:08
225 Shevonne Mclarnon Kirkstall Harriers 01:21:17
241 Joanne Taylor Kirkstall Harriers 01:29:07

For the club championships, I posted potential handicap predictions on the Facebook group prior to the event, which seemed to go down well. It seems I underestimated the difficulty of the race, so I’ve increased the handicap difficulty to match the performances of our runners. Based on the new set of Handicap times, visible on the results page, there was a 6% difference between 12 of the runners (had this been run as a handicap race majority would have finished within metres of each other!). The top 3 runners against their handicaps were:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Ian Taylor 01:15:57 10.58% 01:07:55 50
2 Ben Coldwell 00:49:22 2.56% 00:48:06 49
3 Elizabeth Walker 01:18:31 2.18% 01:16:48 48

The full results can be found here.

Due to a slight technical malfunction on the league table, several members were missing their Parkrun bonuses (apologies). It has now been amended and all that have done at least 4 according to RunBritain have had their bonuses added. 

All this means there’s been a slight shake up in the table…  James Nundy keeps his commanding lead but there’s several in the pack waiting to pounce! Chris Glover, our chairman, has crept into 2nd place and Alan O’Brien (whose done 10 out of the possible 15 races) has moved into 3rd. There’s still plenty of time to get races in, there’s 5 events to be finalised! Don’t forget Even Splits 5k series (3 remaining) and the Wildcard entry (see Rules for more information). The PECO race will be Race 1 at Temple Newsam on Sunday 24th November.

The full table can be found here.



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