3 Peaks Fell Race 2016

Well done to our four brave harriers who completed the tough 23.3 mile fell race on Saturday. Only Adam Moger has run the race before so the others were first timers.

Unless anyone knows differently, we believe that Rose is the first female Kirkstall Harrier ever to complete the event. Well done Rose!

Name Category Time Taken
Adam Moger MV40 04:15:40
Randolph Haggerty MV40 05:08:29
Adam Nodwell M 05:15:30
Rose George FV40 05:24:10

Chairman’s Chase 2016 – Results

We had 24 brave souls running this year despite the arctic conditions – and all the waiting around prior to their individual starts. There was a good turnout of about 10 spectators to cheer and guide them around the route – or had they just come for some of Alyson’s delighful chili?!

As with all handicap races, getting it just right is virtually impossible with all the different reasons of injury, recent results and of course the marathon and Yorkshire Vets weekend that had just passed. At least everyone found their way back to the finish and all in a reasonably good time – and without getting hypothermia. Good job some of the supporters had a nice warm car available – or had the excuse to get the food heated up.

First three home were three relatively new faces. In reverse order, we had Sean Scanlon with a run me of 46.40 finishing in 3rd place in 1.08.46. Second was James Finnigan with a run me of 46.40, finishing in 1.08.40, and first home was Mark Young with a run me of 43.57 finishing in 1.03.57.

Fastest lady on the night was Louise O’Brien with a run me of 44.43. Fastest man and picking up 18 places was Fred Maier with a run time of 35.24.

Unfortunately Andrew Cross was the last man over the line with a run me of 46.05, about 16 minutes behind Mark Young, but with a very good excuse of not having run for four weeks and being dragged down to the club on the night, not knowing it was a handicap race.

Many thanks to all of the supporters especially Malcolm Taylor who helped to ensure they all got off in the right order and on time, our injured runner Catherine Barrett who made sure they did not disappear into the dusk heading towards Stanningley/Pudsey, and Marion Muir for making sure we got them all in the right order with the right times at the finish.

For full results table please click here

Pictured: James Finnigan and Mark Young.


Peter Hey

Chairmans Chase – Club Championship Race 6

Race 6 was the annual Kirkstall Harriers Chairmans Chase. Although we didn’t all get the chance to chase down Chris, it was highly competitive and wet. Well done all!

As it was a Club Championship race, numbers were out in force (both runners and helpers). Two separate races took place, one for the trophy and one for the 50 points. Tim Dixon took the 50 points with a sub 40 minute 10k*, I must remember to lower your handicap next time! Carol and Nathan made up the top 3. Full results can be found here.

Samantha Broome (I swear no favouritism here) takes over from Ben Coldwell at the top of the leader board, owing to her completing 4 races and marathon/parkrun. Marathon and parkrun bonuses have also been updated for runners who have done London and Manchester in recent weeks. If I have missed you off I apologise, give me a shout and I will add you on. The full table can be found here.

There is still plenty of time to complete your 6 races, 4 parkruns and a marathon. Get running! East Leeds 10k is on Monday 2nd May (tomorrow), good luck for those running it. I will keep tabs on the results.

*handicap times have been amended to show it was 5.9 miles.

Virgin Money London Marathon 2016

A very well done goes to our members who did the VLM today. Some great times and a few first timers.


Place Overall Name Category HALF FINISH  
1635 » Ballantyne, Emma (GBR) 18-39 01:28:19 02:57:40 First Marathon
2161 » Coldwell, Ben (GBR) 18-39 01:22:19 03:00:55
2558 » Kennedy-Joyce, Richard (GBR) 18-39 01:26:29 03:04:44
4987 » Sisimayi, Shamiso (ZIM) 18-39 01:34:19 03:22:00
10077 » O’Brien, Kieran (GBR) 40-44 01:47:54 03:46:12
12683 » Muir, Marion (GBR) 40-44 01:57:14 03:55:38 First Marathon
19154 » Chapman, Paul (GBR) 40-44 02:04:18 04:19:17 PB
25732 » Heath, Justin Richard (GBR) 18-39 02:11:36 04:45:14 First Marathon
31027 » Buckley, Jill (GBR) 18-39 02:26:58 05:11:34  First Marathon
35957 » Broome, Samantha (GBR) 18-39 02:33:44 05:54:15 First Marathon