KA7 2017 – Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in one of our races today. The weather was wet to start with but brightened up for the finish of the senior race.

The results are now available:

KA7 2017 Results

KA7 Junior Race Results

Mad Monk Meander Results

Photos of the event are now available on the links below:

KA7 2017 Photos

KA7 Mad Monk Meander & Junior Races 2017 Photos

A video of the KA7 race on youtube can be viewed via this link:

KA7 2017 Video

Club Championship Race 15 – Roundhill Fell Race

A week ago, 6 hardy Harriers took part in one of the hardest races so far in this years’ Club Championship, Roundhill Fell Race. 

Position Name Club Category Time
23 Rowan Temple Kirkstall   01:08:19
24 Adam Moger Kirkstall M40 01:08:25
77 Chris Hudson Kirkstall M40 01:20:54
98 Louise O’Brien Kirkstall L40 01:25:58
115 Yekanth Venkiteel Kirkstall   01:31:06
120 Rose George Kirkstall L40 01:32:43

 The top 3 against their handicap were:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Rose George 01:36:40 4.08% 01:32:43 50
2 Adam Moger 01:10:43 3.25% 01:08:25 49
3 Yekanth Venkiteela 01:31:06 0.00% 01:31:06 48

 Yekanth matched his handicap exactly!

Race Results


No change at the top of the table, is there time for a late charge?

League Table

Bingley Show 10k (Trail Champs)

8 harriers had a go at the very tough 6.5m Bingley Show “10k” on Saturday. Despite the threat of rain before the race, the weather turned and was warm and sunny.

This was a trail champs race, so the tables have been updated with the points awards. Well done to all and thanks to Jill Hudson for her support.

For full race results click here

 Trail Champs League Table

 Trail Champs Race Results


Pos Name Cat Time
41 Christopher Glover M50 00:54:36
53 Adam Nodwell MSEN 00:56:21
75 Chris Hudson M40 00:59:15
79 Kieren O’Brian M40 01:01:17
81 Louise O’Brian W40 01:02:47
104 Collette Spencer W40 01:08:26
110 Simon Smith M40 01:10:09
119 Alyson Glover W50 01:15:01


Golden Acre Park Relay 2017

We entered an impressive 16 teams into the 3 leg (2.75m per leg) relay race.

Well done to Niamh Jackson who was the fastest vet lady runner with a leg time of 17.58. Our fast mens team of Ben Coldwell, Lee Hardy and Tim Dixon came in 11 place overall which is a great performance.

The event was a sell out with 150 teams taking part.

Many thanks to Paul Chapman who organised our team entry this year.

For full results click here

Golden Acre Relay (12th July 2017)            
Pos Team Name Category Leg 1 Runner Time Leg 2 Runner Time Leg 3 Runner Time Total
11 Kirkstall Young Boys Men’s Open Ben Coldwell 16:38 Lee Hardy 16:50 Tim Dixon 16:59 50:27
43 Kirkstall Old Boys Men’s Vets Chris Glover 18:07 Adam Moger 18:10 Adam Rhodes 19:46 56:03
45 Kirkstall Fast Girls Ladies Vets Niamh Jackson 17:58 Helen Drew 19:42 Emma Lavelle-Wood 19:07 56:47
48 Kirkstall Mixed One Mixed Rowan Temple 16:32 Izzy Webster 20:22 Martin Savage 20:46 57:40
53 Kirkstall Open Trio Men’s Open Adam Nodwell 21:28 John Dunkan 19:08 Paul Miller 17:42 58:18
63 The Bald Ones Men’s Vets Chris Hudson 19:16 Paul Chapman 21:24 Kieran O’Brien 20:22 1:01:02
71 Kirkstall Old Boys Two Men’s Vets Paul Glover 22:24 Noel Akers 20:58 Randolph Haggerty 18:45 1:02:07
79 Chappers Runs Twice Mixed Sean Scanlon 20:51 Leann Young 25:22 Kevin Longmate 17:34 1:03:47
86 The Moaning Ones Ladies Open Louise O’Brien 21:37 Rachael Kearns 21:38 Marion Muir 21:55 1:05:10
95 Kirkstall Mixed Two Mixed Matt Kasparek 19:28 Gemma Roe 23:57 Simone Selgado 23:10 1:06:35
105 Mixed Fortunes Mixed Alyson Glover 23:52 Clare Doherty 21:48 Simon Smith 22:17 1:07:57
109 Kirkstall Lovely Ladies Mixed Collette Spencer 23:34 Richard Thomas 20:52 Catherine James 24:07 1:08:33
128 2 Ladies, One Lad Mixed Paul Grist 17:52 Shevonne Mclarnon 25:29 Anne Akers 30:02 1:13:23
131 Dolly Mixtures Mixed Diane Thomas 29:32 Liz Walker 24:39 Gary Carlisle 20:37 1:14:48
138 Yekauth Samosa Team Mixed Clare Rhodes 28:30 Baldish Sandhu 28:09 Yekauth Venkiteelia 21:40 1:18:19
141 One More Lap Ladies Open Samantha Broome 32:30 Catherine Barrett 23:39 Vicki Hipkiss 24:42 1:20:51
  Fastest Leg (Ladies Vets Niamh Jackson 17:58            

Club Championship Race 13 – East Leeds 10K

A flurry of Club Championship races recently means I’m slightly behind on my updates! Apologies.

The most up to date results are up, including those from Hyde Park Summer Mile, Eccup 10 and now East Leeds 10K.

Chris has already gone over the times in the earlier post so thanks to him for that. Now it’s my turn to dish out the CC points! The top 3 performances against handicaps for East Leeds 10K are:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Hannah Lee 01:01:44 8.41% 00:56:33 50
2 Yekanth Venkiteela 00:52:11 6.03% 00:49:02 49
3 Elizabeth Walker 00:59:19 5.37% 00:56:08 48


The full race results can be found here:

Race Results

The full league table is here: 

League Table

Well done to Rachael Kearns for taking the top spot! Can anyone catch her?