Club Championship Race 17 – Pudsey Post Hill

What a tough one eh? Not many people fancied this, all the more points for the ones that did! 

The points have been given out. Jonathan Young, new(ish) to the club, in his first CC race smashes his handicap time. Which with a 5k PB of 23:21 is sure to help him next year!

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Jonathan Young 00:25:12 7.31% 00:23:21 50
2 Isobel Webster 00:28:14 1.51% 00:27:48 49
3 Chris Hudson 00:27:18 0.50% 00:27:10 48
4 Peter Hey 00:37:04 -2.11% 00:37:51 47
5 Jacqueline Elmer 00:34:38 -6.32% 00:36:49 46

 The full results table can be found below

Race Results

No change in the leaderboard this time. With 3 races left, can anyone catch Paul Grist?

League Table


Any queries, or bonus point additions please contact Malcolm Taylor on Facebook or





Bruges Marathon and Half Marathon 2017

We had 21 tourists who travelled to Bruges at the weekend to have fun and run in one of these races. 2 of the group were injured and came along to support (Ceata and Collette). The weather was HOT and sunny. An amazing 22 deg for mid October.

Many thanks to Simon Smith for organising the weekend which was fantastic in every respect.

Here are the results for the tour party:

Bruges Marathon        
Name Cat Pos Cat Pos % Chip Time  
Jack Hipkiss 67/423 15.8 03:23:26 First Marathon
Kieran O’Brien 286/332 86.1 04:30:05  
Bruges Half Marathon        
Name Cat Pos Cat Pos % Chip Time  
Ben Coldwell 23/442 5.2 01:27:40  
Rowen Temple  44/442 10 01:32:55  
Kevin Longmate 66/442 15 01:36:38  
Chris Glover 10/98 10.2 01:42:15  
Emma Lavelle-Wood 5/208 2.4 01:44:27  
Louise O’Brien 8/208 3.8 01:46:23  
Adam Rhodes 74/274 27 01:48:12  
Eleanor Gallon 16/91 17.6 01:51:30  
Simon Smith 97/257 37.7 01:54:31  
Alyson Glover 10/83 12 01:57:00  
Sheila King 12/83 14.4 01:59:04  
Rachael Kearns 79/332 23.8 01:59:50 PB
Catherine James 108/332 32.5 02:03:33 PB
Laura Hogg 138/332 41.6 02:07:07  
Michelle Smith 71/136 52.2 02:13:57  
Sean Scanlon 235/275 85.8 02:20:02  
Yekanth Venkiteela 410/442 92.8 02:23:04  

Post Hill Challenge 2017 Results (Club Champs)

We only had 5 runners taking part in this tough 5k which includes running up Post Hill twice. The low turn out was probably due to the clash with the club trip to Bruges, not the hill climbs!! Well done to the 5 who made it.

Here are our results. Malcolm will be updating the club championship and posting on here soon.


  Post Hill 5K 2017    
Pos Name Cat Time
9 Jonathan Young M 00:23:21
35 Chris Hudson MV40-49 00:27:10
43 Isobel Webster F 00:27:48
90 Jacqueline Elmer FV35-44 00:36:49
92 Peter Hey MV60+ 00:37:51

First 5k Winter Time Trial – Oct 17


The winter time trials got off to a bit of a damp start – which does not help when writing on wet paper, but thanks to the invaluable assistance of Jemma and Kieran – all went to plan – more or less. Many thanks for all those runners who did turn up too, assuming they had seen the training schedule.

Among the 16 runners we had 2 new faces to the time trials – “old” member John Durkan who appears to have avoided doing these for the last two winters, and Nick Child, our latest new member. Paul Chapman was the first to start !!! mainly due to not having done these since his last major injury going back to the 2015/16 series when his recorded time was then 27.51 – but all looks like he is getting back to his speedy best. Needless to say Paul was first over the line with a run time of 23.45. Second home was the continually improving Cat James with a run time and pb for this course of 24.48 and third over the line (he must have known this was going to happen, hence joining the club?) was Nick with a run time of 23.13, proving the point that all us runners tend to play down our abilities most of the time. Bringing up the rear after his recent wedding and honeymoon was Malcolm Taylor with a run time of 27.14, but I did hear that he had a tennis match at 8.00pm that night. Fastest runner on the night was Paul Miller with a run time of 19.55, just pipping Lee Hardy and Adam Moger by 2 and 3 seconds respectively. All 3 finishing much higher then where they started. Fastest female on the night was Isobel Webster with a run time of 23.11. The time difference between the first and last runner was 6 minutes 14, but leaving out the first and last person home this was almost halved to 3 minutes 19. Hopefully they will be closer on the next one in November – and the night will be drier.

Peter Hey

TT No.1 2017/18 Results

Club Championship Race 16 – Half Marathon Weekend turned Fortnight!

A thanks again for everyone that came to mine and Samantha Taylor (nee Broome)’s wedding! Being on our honeymoon, meant that this update is severely delayed. As such, I’ve decided to change Race 16 from a weekend to a fortnight (pretty much a month with leniency). Which means, anyone who did a half marathon timed race, 13.1 miles and above (to 26.2) gets some points!

I’ve recorded and been told about 12 people who did such a thing. Well done to all. They are below:

Name Time Race
Michael McGill 01:44:08 Great North Run
Anne Pinches 01:56:54 Great North Run
Justin Newall 02:11:52 Great North Run
Joanne McGarey 02:23:23 Great North Run
Jill Hudson 02:37:48 Great North Run
Paul Grist 01:32:06 Vale of York Half Marathon
Adam Moger 01:34:37 Vale of York Half Marathon
Jo Kendall 01:50:04 Vale of York Half Marathon
Simone Salgado 02:02:53 Vale of York Half Marathon
Elizabeth Walker 02:07:57 Vale of York Half Marathon
Sean O’Halloran 02:29:03 Wissey Half Marathon
Ben Coldwell 01:44:36 Sundowner Half Ironman

 The times and points against handicaps can be found here:

Race Results

Which with newly added bonuses included, we have a new leader! The table can be found here:

League Table